E-books & ( 3x45min skype sessions ) with LUIS

All the publications on gender, sacred love have been available on LULU (self-publichsing) but we experinced troubles in the lulu system and are creating a new sales platform.  The Golden Age Library, will give you access to the books list


The Golden Famliy e-books set + Skype Interview Practice Sessions with LUIS

Buy buying the following set of books, you will also have the possibility to meet LUIS online on Skype 3 x 45 min

  • 45 min, interview Questions and answers
  • 45 min core practice for sacred love and golden family
  • 45 min introduction to Golden Family Practices and Methods.

and let him advice you the ideal strategy for books reading.

You will receive following e-books for download. Then you must schedule within following 27 days your skype sessions (contact by email with buyer transaction code)

Buy it now with PAYPAL :) Add please your e-mail address and skype Id for PDF (we will send it to you) and to schedule the 3 x 45 min skype sessions with LUIS

Your email please,for the PDF
Add please your skype ID

OR CONTACT US to welcome@luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info, schedule your first skype session, buy and receive your PDF on skype.


NOTICE for Practitioners
In order to make this experience, it is necessary to know how to learn and apply method, techniques, practices, described in books, but facilitated along experiential workshops, trainings that enhance your skills, perception and organic ability of tangible application. Intention, information is not enough! Start  by learning the core practice, and a review of the main principles to observe for this path today!

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